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Vitran Corporation is a North American provider of freight services and distribution solutions to a wide variety of companies and Industries. Vitran offers less-than-truckload (LTL) service throughout Canada and the United States utilizing its own infrastructure and exclusive partners. Vitran Logistics provides special distribution solutions that range from inventory consolidation to responsibility for the complete distribution function as well as highway and rail brokerage.

These services are provided by 6,000 employees and associates located at more than 100 facilities and offices in the United States and Canada. Vitran uses 10,000 pieces of equipment, including tractors, trailers, and containers, operated by 3,000 drivers and independent contractors.


IN SUMMARY, WE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: Vitran is sharpening the focus of every aspect of its business to be the best-in-class provider, to drive value with every customer transaction and to add value for its shareholders.


  • Significant earnings improvement in tough economic environment
  • Debt, net of cash on hand, dropped by over $20.0 million
  • Expanded Vitran LTL trans-border revenue by over 20.0%
  • Significant increase in share price as value of the Company becomes recognized in the market