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Note: Various Vitrac functions require that you specify your e-mail address. For example, when requesting a shipment management report, the report will be e-mailed to that address. If you choose to leave the e-mail address blank, you can still use the tracking system, however, features that require an e-mail address will not function correctly.

In order to provide moderate security that is not cumbersome or difficult to use, Vitran has implemented a simple system employing 'cookies'. A cookie is simply a token (or customer ID) which is sent to your computer when you successfully log in to the form above using the account and password assigned to you in advance by our MIS department. On subsequent visits to our web site, your browser will send the cookie back in order to identify you so that you do not need to log in each and every time you visit our site.

Some notes about cookies:

1) Your browser will not send a cookie to any other web site other than the one that it came from.
2) The customer ID assigned is just a number. It has no significance to anyone other than Vitran's shipment tracking system.
3) Not all web browsers support cookies, although most popular browsers do. If your browser does not support cookies, or if you have disabled them, you must upgrade and/or enable cookies to use the shipment tracking facilities on this site.
4) If you will be accessing our tracking facilities from multiple computers, each computer needs a cookie, so you must register each computer separately.
5) You may find that changes you make to your system (for example installing a new web browser) will cause cookies to be deleted. If this occurs you will need to re-register.
6) Cookies will automatically expire 90 days after the last time you use our tracking facility. If you do not use the system for an extended length of time, you will need to re-register to acquire a valid cookie.
7) In order to prevent unauthorized access, three consecutive attempts to register with the incorrect password will disable your account. If you forget your password, or if you would like to have your password changed, please contact your account manager. Changing your password will invalidate all existing cookies.