About Us

Vitran Express is a recognized leader in transportation and distribution across Canada. Our service offerings provide superior coverage, flexibility and consistent performance for your less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipping needs.

Owning and managing assets across the country means better control of your freight shipments as they move to their final delivery point. Whether the need is for power lift gate delivery or protect from freezing, we have the right equipment to meet the requirement. Service can be customized to meet any situation in order to take full advantage of a seamless and cost effective solution. In today's demanding business environment we have the resources to get the job done in the best transit time at the best cost.

We have all the tools, but it still takes people to make it happen and getting the job done right for you is a team effort at Vitran.

Vitran Express is a member of TFI International, a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry.


National Long Haul

  • Multimodal

    Efficient and economical transcontinental intermodal service provided between Central and Western Canada. Vitran has one of Canada's largest fleets of domestic containers and chassis with cube available in both dry and insulated heat containers. Significant capacity on both of Canada's railways ensures our operations remain fluid and your shipments keep moving.

  • Highway Expedited

    Driver team service is offered when deliveries must be completed in the least possible transit times between Central and Western Canada. Just ask for and route it via our Maxximum service level and your shipment will be delivered on time, safe and secure.


  • Eastern Region

    Direct daily departures within and between Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada featuring next day delivery to most locations along the Windsor - Quebec corridor.

  • Western Regional

    Direct daily departures between major cities across Western Canada including reliable transit service beyond the main centres.