Rates Registration/Create a New User Profile: How to setup a Vitran Account

  1. To set up a Vitran Account, click on the link "For new users, please click here to create a new user profile".

  1. You will be redirected to the 'Rages Registration' page.

  1. Fill in all of the required fields as denoted with an asterisk. Remember to click on the 'Check Availibity ' button to see if your selected User ID is available.


  1. The remaining blanks are for security purposes. They help verify that you are the user.
    • Select a security question and provide an answer.
    • In the provided field, type the characters you see in the picture.

  2. Click on the ‘Submit’ button (located at the bottom of the form) to complete your registration or click on the ‘Reset’ button to clear the form.

  3. After you submit your registration, the following message will appear on your screen informing you that your login request/registration has been submitted and is being processed.

  1. Once the customer's login request has been processed, the customer will receive an email confirmation. It consists of the customer's User ID, password and a link that will enable them to access their rate quote.