Spot Quote Request for lanes without a Rate Setup:


For lanes that do not have a rate setup:

  • Select the 'Click here to request Spot Quote for lanes that do not have rates' link. The user will be redirected to the Spot Quote Request page.
  • The cookies stored on your browser will automatically fill in some of the fields for the user.
  • The user will then have to fill in the destination city/zip, shipment’s information and any additional comments (including specific instructions and valued added services.)

  • Like requesting a Spot Quote/Rate Quote with no account, the requestor will receive an email confirmation once a request is submitted.
  • Once the pricing department finish processing the request, the user will receive a final email confirmation with the processed spot quote attached. 

*The two processes are identical; the only difference is that all information must be manually filled in for the rate quote with no account (no cookies). Please refer to the Spot Quote section for a more detailed explanation.