Spot Quote User Guide.

Spot Quote will be processed automatically when it meets following conditions; otherwise, it will be issued by the Pricing Department

  1. The Shipment is less than 10 linear feet.
  2. Total weight is less than 10,000lb.
  3. The route is not cross border.
  4. The user does not leave any comment.
  5. The shipments are not over specific dimensional range.
    MAX. W/L/H = 96/119/96in or 244/302/244cm
  6. The shipment has rates based on the routes and the shipment

Submitting Spot Quote

Figure 1: Enter all mandatory fields (*) to submit a spot quote request.

Figure 2: If the customers have an account code, they can get rate from an account

1. Automatic Spot Quote

Figure 1: When Spot Quote was processed automatically, the customer will get the spot quote number on the screen and an email confirmation

Figure 2: The Customer will receive the following e-mail with spot quote details

Figure 3: Spot quote will be in the pdf format with following details

2. Spot quote being issued by Pricing Department

Figure 1: When the shipment doesn't meet conditions for Automatic Spot Quote, the customer will see this message

Figure 2: The Customer will get the following email to confirm spot quote will be processed by pricing.