My Rate Calculator/Rate Quote with Account


After successfully logging into Vitran account, the customer will be redirected to the My Rate Calculator page. The My Rate Calculator is illustrated below.


  1. There are two sets of rates: the Net Rate and the Tariff Rate.
    • The Net Rate is a special account specific rate for specific lanes
    • The Tariff Rate is not account specific and consists of two divisions (Domestic and Cross Border). Vitran offers specific customers a special percentage discount on the tariff rate.
    *These rates are only applicable for specific lanes; some accounts may only have one type of rate depending on the customer’s situation.


  1. Most of the time, customers will deal with various accounts, the information about the selected account is displayed below the ‘account’ drop down box.
    • Accounts are various shipping and warehouse locations or the shippers can be controlled by a third party/logistics company.


  2. Some customer accounts are involved with third parties. If so, another drop down ‘Third Party to Shipper/Consignee” will appear under the account information. The customer will then be able to choose from a list of third parties or bill to parties (specific to their account).   

  4. Shipping Date: the default shipping date is today’s date. To change the shipping date, click on the provided field; and a calendar will pop up. Click on the desired date on the calendar.

  6. Service Type: identify the type of service required:
    • Regular intermodal service
    • Maxximum expedited service.


  7. Rate Base: freight charges can be calculated based on weight or based on pallet (number of skids.)

  9. Shipment Type – identifies the party responsible for the freight payment:
    • Prepaid: the shipper is responsible
    • Collect: the consignee is responsible


Please refer to the 'Tariff Rate: Field Definitions' section regarding the specific fields and options.