How to Submit a Rate Quote


To submit a rate quote:

  1. Select the desired account
  2. If applicable select the rate type (net rate or tariff discount rate)
  3. Identify the shipping date, service type, rate base and shipment type
  4. If desired, fill in the optional section (which includes the following fields: C.O.D Amount$ and Declared Value$)
  5. Fill in the origin city and the destination city, and ensure that the automatic fill in of the selected origin and destination city corresponds to the desired province.
  6. Select if the shipment is less than 10 linear feet.
  7. Indicate the class of the shipment – applicable for cross border shipments under the tariff discount rate only.  
  8. Enter the piece count, dimension and the weight of the freight
  9. Select any additional service(s) required for pickup and delivery.
  10. After filling in all the necessary information, click on the 'Compute' button. This will calculate the freight charges and the Rate Quote for your shipment will be displayed.